Even though Gwei-lo were an instrumental group, Al was fascinated with the written word.

Here is a collection of his writings:


Spills out and scrapes bricks, to catch on curb stones,
orange lit and yellow striped, flicking past strobed.

All down the drain and away, on my back pale, with a smile and a wink,
I’m nestling in the litter, with bottle green crumbs in my bed.

In rain sprayed sheets and on my tarmac mattress,
with curbs for pillows and street lamps for reading lights.
Taxi cabs ferry stale dreams and emptiness in bear footwells.

In rain sprayed sheets and on my tarmac mattress,
with curbs for pillows and street lamps for reading lights.
Beats fade in out of dreams on squealing rung out tones.

People waking gray took my bed.

Empty echoed down the stairs
crashed through the corridor
slammed the doors on its way out
to fight another day.

New routines for old.

Tomorrow if not later
Ticking’s just a sound
checked out absent
able absentee
blissed out blaggers and insatiable slackers

screaming sweet nothings in your ears
brink filled edge of deafening closed my mouth
muted silence, death waited, stops cold and floats.
Gestures shouted louder than an empty room,
moving on for better things.
Gagged speeches, bound sign, blank text.
Words crawled off of the page,
moving on for better things.
Bound speech, gagged sign, blurred text
multiplying whispers still deafens
read my lips.

Love you so much we can’t…….

stand static as everything blasts by
time doesn’t pass, it disappears
returnings like a museum, seems important
means less by the day
like toys you forgot
taps on the shoulder while turning back
tugs at sleeves while brushing off
onwards, upwards and forward.

Drowned out
talking about…what?
Beatings, breakage’s and booze
washes down stream
beaten on bottom
scrapes on the sides
wakes on the bank
wallet empty
pit eyed and gasping
blood shot and bullied
mouths something, waves and dives back in to start again.

Laugh my smile all the way over,
frown so deep it jerks back up,
show some teeth,
smiles to a sneer,
happy, expecting ready to snap.

Playing hard to get
or just plain hard
obnoxious chin out taunts
brings it on and wants it
want like nothing on earth
begs for it bending servile
looks up needy, desperate
greedy, leering act in good faith
paid off recompense
makes up reimbursed and better.

Responsibilities a failing, flailing, fallen thing.

Melancholy made me
ignorant and idiotic
manufacture make me
measured molded me.

My head hurts like a pulled muscle
and I’ve got the scars to show my weekend
if I don’t squeeze them they might go away
like tossing coins down my throat
where it stops nobody knows
wakes up seven sucking gravel
sweating, stumbled, neon spotted.
Up to a fully clothed sleep of angels, babes and pay-outs.
Wakes up bright bleary but beds best
scratched sweated out
vein maps show where it stops
look into my eyes if it isn’t true

spills out and scrapes bricks
to catch on curb stones
orange lit, yellow striped
flicked past strobed
on back pale smiled and winked
all down the drain and away
nestled in the litter
bottle green crumbs in my bed
rain spayed sheets
and tarmac mattresses
with curbs for pillows
and street lamps for reading lights
dancing crumpled literature
milkman alarm calls
taxi cabs ferrying stale dreams and emptyness in bear footwells
squelling rung out tones
beats fade in out of dreams
people waking grey took my bed


Put a match to it
grab keep sakes and slam the door
watch the paint bubble and crawl
seat where you sat turns to ash
light bulbs pop in lamp stands
cans burst and packets ignite
plastic folds and curls
black smoke into grey days
tears run down my face
leaving tracks through soot
coughing up and letting out
while curtains catch sirens call
breaks through windows jumps off the roof
drag a comb through your burning hair
and squeeze water from your put out suit
piggy back rides from firemen
fair rates and tips give a warm feeling
patting yourself down to put your hands out
hold out your hands
clutching petrol, rags and lighter dear
looking sharp in a soot grey suit
eyebrows are out and blackened reds hot this season.