The Johnson Sound

I recorded my friend, Steve (Adams) Singing over the SlyChimp tracks of his choice.

The Johnson Sound was born.

Old People Bomb (2000-2001)


Wild Skies (compilation) (2002)

We had a track, Sarah (I guess they didn’t want to use the full title?) included on this compilation that was put together by friends Richard Brown and Davy Graham.

wild skies

Webcast Set

We did a Webcast at some point. Here was the set.


Steve put together this biog.

The Johnson Sound

Gavin Johnson:

Co-founder of Mannamaya, a proto-dub collective who were ‘big’ on the festival scene in the early to mid-nineties, headlining medium-sized festivals and playing good slots at Glastonbury, Brighton Free, Hackney Homeless and similar.

Johnson moved to instrumental post-rock outfit Gwei-lo, who started their own label, released an EP and played a couple of years worth of good shows around the UK before signing to the Cocteau Twins’ Bellaunion label and recording one eponymous album to critical acclaim, (see Wire, Pitchfork, NME, Fracture etc). Gwei-lo contributed to soundtrack of a US indie film, and were well received on US, UK and continental radio. Following the death of another band member immediately prior to album release the band came to an abrubt end and Johnson pursued solo venture as Slychimp of which The Johnson Sound has become an extension.

Steven Adams:

Formed various bad indie-punk bands from 1989 onwards, and co-founded Hofman in 1993, played a few years’ worth of incendiary/shambolic shows around the UK before signing to the excellent Vibrations record label and recording 2 singles, an EP and an album, all to critical acclaim (see NME, Melody Maker, Kerrang, or ask John Peel etc). Tired of constant badgering by Steve Lamaqc and other Camden flunkies Hofman split in 2000 and Adams formed The Broken Family Band (still active and with Johnson playing bass guitar). After being invited to record some vocals for Slychimp, Adams decided to stay and also thought up the name.

All this music is The Johnson Sound.
The Johnson Sound is Gavin Johnson and Steven Adams.
Gavin does more than Steven, but there’s no friction.
Copyright nonsense.