We changed the name from Smegma to Gwei-lo at some point in late 1997. Friend Jack Lord managed us and set up a record label, Wild Strawberry Music. Our ep was the labels first release. It set us on our way.

Gwei-lo ep (1998)


Recorded at Jigsaw Studios on the 20th – 23rd of April 1998 by Tom Savage.
Mixed by Tom and Gwei-lo.

Live At The Portland Arms Barn (1998)

Recorded live in the barn by Toby. It was cold. Our performance was good, the end result was poor.


Palm Picture demos (1998)

We were invited by Island Records subsidiary Palm Pictures to come down to their demo studios and record some…..demos. We hoped we were going to get signed. We didn’t.

I can’t remember the name of the engineer.
It was mixed by us.


12 Demo (1999)

No idea where it was recorded.


Gwei-lo Bella Union Series 7 promo (2000)

After the disappointment of Palm Pictures we were picked up by the wonderful Simon Raymonde at Bella Union and we set about making our first real record.


Featured track: Cellsong

Gwei-lo Series 7 (2000)

The happy times weren’t to last.



Gwei-Lo (1009) - General Rock

Tracks 1,2,3,6 and 7 were recorded at September Sound in 5 days in January 1999

by Mitsuo Tate and Gwei-lo. Mixed by Mitsuo Tate and Gwei-lo.

Tracks 4 and 5 were recorded at Jigsaw Studios by Tom Savage and Gwei-lo.

Mixed by Tom Savage and Gwei-lo.

Al Brooker 1976-2000 R.I.P


Gwei-lo Series 7 un-used track (2000)


Gwei-lo Series 7 Re-Mix (2000)


At Least You Can Die With A Smile On Your Face ( 2002 compilation)