Sometime in 2011 Steve (Linford) and I bumped into each other outside a polling station and got chatting about music. A few months later we began recording Steve’s backlog of songs in a home studio we created in a shed at the bottom of his garden.

We would re-work existing demos. I would engineer the recordings as well as play bass. Steve would do everything else. The ‘new’ demos would then be sent to Alex Reeves where he would record new drums to replace the demo drums. The ‘new’ demos would continue to be re-worked and eventually be mixed and mastered by myself.

Apart from the acoustic sessions we still work in this way.

Precious Little Love Demos (2012-2014)

Acoustic Sessions (2014)

Precious Little Love (2012-2017)

polaroids-soundcloud 1

Work In Progress (2017-2020)

Nothing Personal Demos (1996)

sl nothing personal