The Broken Family Band


At St.Philips Road (Summer 2001)

In terms of The Broken Family Band recordings it all begins here? Steve and J would come round my house so I could learn the songs. I used to record the sessions on my 4 track cassette recorder.

Sound Base Demos (2001)

After one of the very first shows I got talking to the wonderful Coupar and Ollie. They invited the band to come down to the community studio they were working at (in Hitchin) and record some demos for free. It was the beginning of a great friendship. These guys were instrumental in the early success of the band.


Rob W. Jackson

Wild Skies (compilation) (2001/02)

We were asked by friend Richard Brown to submit a track for a compilation of local Cambridge artists. The version of Twisted is from the Sound Base demos.

Sound Base Demos (2001)


Rob W. Jackson

Sound Base Demos (May 2002)

Virgin Radio Session (9th December 2002)


John Peel Session (12th December 2002)


Producer – Louise Kattenhorn, Engineer – Miti Adhikari, Studio – Maida Vale 4


Timothy Victor, Gill Sandell

XFM Session (2nd September 2003)

xfm logo2

BBC Radio 2 Interview (4th September 2003)

John Peel Session (11th January 2004)


Producer – Jerry Smith, Engineer – George Thomas, Studio – Maida Vale 4


Timothy Victor

Jesus Songs Demos (2004)

At Maida Vale 4


February 2005

Engineer – Ian Painter


Timothy Victor,

March 2005

Engineer – Ian Painter


Timothy Victor,

Live At The Junction Shed Cambridge (2nd March 2006)

Recorded and mixed by Brian O’Shaughnessy.

BBC Radio 1 One Music Session (17 May 2006)

Engineer – Nick Fountain & Sara Carter, Studio – Maida Vale 4


Timothy Victor,

Live At The Cambridge Folk Festival (July 2006)

Recorded by the BBC field studio.

Love Your Man, Love Your Woman (2007)

The Rogue Element Dub Mix

BCB Radio Session (2007)

When the band played in the north of England where possible we would pop into Bradford and record a low-fi session at BCB with DJ Albert Freeman. It was literally a mic or two in a room with Steve going straight into the desk. Fun times.

Toe Rag Studio Demos (2008)

The band recorded the instruments in a day. Steve popped back for an evening to record vocals.  I don’t remember the name of the Engineer. It wasn’t Liam Watson.

Please And Thank You Demo (2009)

BCB Radio Session (2009)

Party CD’s

We used to like playing at parties and on occasions CD’s were made in advance for the guests.


1. Leaps
2. Give And Take
3. Living In Sin
4. Where The Hell Is My Baby
5. Don’t Change Your Mind


1. Happy days Are Here Again
2. 12 Eyes Of Evil
3. Alone In The Make-Out Room
4. Walking Back To Jesus Pt.2
5. Don’t Leave That Woman Unattended
6. You’re Like A Woman
7. Diamonds In The Mine